Latest Inflation Report Hints at Gold Coin Price Suppression

April 15, 2014 – The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest report Tuesday and the results show that inflation may be more of an issue than the Federal Reserve is letting on. According to the report the index for food, which includes poultry, eggs and meat prices, rose 1.2% last month. That is the second consecutive month that food prices rose.

The property rental index grew by a slight 0.3% last month, and that index is up 2.7% in the last year. The energy index, which tallies gas prices among other items, fell 0.1% in March.

The federal government has claimed that inflation is not an impending threat to the dollar, and governmental agencies have repeatedly quoted the consumer price index’s modest 0.2% rise as evidence. Overall core inflation, however, has averaged 2% in recent months and rose 1.7% last month.

Even the 1.7% stat can be misleading, because that core inflation rate does not take food or energy prices into account. Droughts, fires and other extreme weather conditions have wrought havoc on food prices so far this year, and many national food manufacturers and distributors have reacted by raising prices and/or switching to smaller containers to hide inflated prices.

With prices on the rise across the board many analysts believe gold coin prices should be on the upswing, too. The fact that the gold coin spot price is down 5% in the last 30 days is an indicator to some that the yellow metal is being manipulated by the Fed and investment banks, and a handful of lawsuits have sprung up accusing some of the largest banks of price fixing.

If you’re a gold coin investor it is important to understand that prices in dollars may not be the best indicator of gold’s success, at least for the next few months. Until the Ponzi scheme river runs dry gold could fluctuate wildly, meaning the best aspect of owning gold coins is the security and peace of mind that comes with owning hard assets.

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