Investing in Gold Coins to Heat Up on Greece

2012 has already been a record year for investing in gold coins, but as news leaks out of a troubled Europe over a financial problem with no solution, the market for gold coins appears to be about to heat up even more to unforeseen levels. Safe haven buying has been occurring on a massive scale since the after-effects of 2008 began. It’s hard to believe now, but following the collapse of Lehman brothers in fall of 2008 you buy an American Eagle one ounce gold coin for $681. If you had, you would have already realized a $1,000 gain on your investment.

Since 2008, the economic problems confronting the United States and the world have not really been solved. Through various measures we have managed to forestall serious financial breakdowns and defaults, but we have not see a real turn-around in production in any economy.

Commensurate with that slow and sometimes unseen progression, the price of gold has been gaining, gaining, and gaining. It is now marking a decade of a bull market, effectively beginning with the now-unreported War on Terror. Gold is up 600 percent on the decade, 11.6 percent last year, and over 24 percent in 2010. It is the best performing asset of our time and the fundamentals now in place forecast it will continue and strengthen that position.

As further problems emanate from Greece and those problems cause further problems in Europe, we will see a new kind of gold rush on an unforeseen scale. Investors, workers, and savers will begin moving their assets into gold as a safe haven currency in order to protect themselves and their families against the effect of a Greek collapse on the Euro. This has already pushed demand for gold to a global record in January of 2012 but as this process takes place we will see gold buying on another scale.

Gold is the only sound currency in a fiat money system and in history is has proven in every crisis to be the first place investors run. Investing in gold coins now is beating that tsunami of gold-buyers and taking advantage of the previous decade of gains in gold.

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