Indian Businesses Now Offering Free Gold Coins

In case you don’t keep up with the BRICS nations of gold investors as closely as you should, India has recently passed a string of measures to tighten gold trading in that country. The amount of gold that one can import or export has been reduced and tariffs on gold coins and bullion have been raised. All this is in response to Indian citizens’ strong desire to own gold more than the rupee.

Demand for gold coins is so strong in India that many businesses are now offering free gold coins to customers for their patronage. The companies that are most commonly found to be giving away free gold coins are those in the real estate industry, although there have been reports of car dealers, investment brokers and insurance agents rewarding clients with free gold, too.

We are not talking about anything extraordinary here; the amount of free gold given to any given customer is usually less than 100 grams. However, 100 grams of free gold is a nice incentive for buying a house that you were going to buy anyway, and it may not be long before U.S. businesses pick up this trend. Real estate and auto sales are slow in many parts of America, and if traditional incentives aren’t working then why not offer customers free gold?

A one ounce gold bullion coin is worth about $1400 by today’s prices. Most people know that gold has increased dramatically since 2001, when it was valued at $252 per ounce. If someone is seriously considering a piece of property or a luxury automobile, an ounce or two of gold might be exactly what they need to go ahead with the purchase. The economy is stimulated, the consumer gets what they wanted and they instantly become gold owners, too, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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