Taking A Symbolic Stand With Gold Coin Investment

Those of us who champion gold coin investment are often branded as un-American for calling attention to what we perceive to be serious and imminent peril.

However, as we pause to honor our fallen heroes, perhaps we could all stand down from the rhetoric and defensive posturing for a moment so that we may tend to another wounded and weary soldier – the dollar. There is nothing in the least unpatriotic in doing so.

To the contrary, it is a call to every one of us to stand together against the most insidious foe we have ever faced. And I don’t mean terrorism. A country can fall victim to foreign interests without a single shot being fired. All it takes is runaway debt.

The numbers are mind boggling – and sobering. Since we abandoned the gold standard our national debt has been multiplied 210,000 times. Since October 2007 our debt has been growing by nearly $4 billion per day.

In terms a bit closer to home, the national debt equates to $50,271 for every man, woman, and child in America – 1.8 times the per capita yearly income. Using the Treasury Department’s rate of 3.2%, interest alone is a $533 monthly bill for a family of four.

Still, it’s not only the amount of debt that is worrisome, it’s also who holds it. Currently we owe $5.12 trillion – just about one third – to foreign countries. That’s up 14.3% in just one year. Meanwhile, foreign interests are growing ever more concerned about our ability to repay.

China, the single largest holder of US debt, reduced its dollar-based reserves by more than 11% since last July alone and has been steadily buying hard assets around the globe for years. A lot of those assets have been American capital.

This is more than a numbers game. The market for US debt is drying up, falling from 6% of GDP to 1.9% between 2009 and 2011, while foreign purchases of stateside capital steadily rise.

We cannot allow ourselves to sell off piece by piece that which our heroes gave their lives to preserve. Now it is our turn to sacrifice so that we may put our fiscal house back in order.

Sadly, we are unlikely to unify against a foe we fail to see. For the near future politics will do its best to make sure no light is shone on that adversary, but we dare not give up the cause.

Buying gold coins is a means to protect our own families from impending chaos, but more than that it is a highly symbolic example for our government to follow.

We invest in gold coins to preserve the future rather than to acquire false wealth, sending a strong signal to Washington that America is not for sale.

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