Gold Coins, Flashlights, and Bottled Water

According to some, people who buy gold coins are relics of a time when humans cowered behind stone walls in fear of the world. But what is so irrational about a simple act of preparedness?

People living in tornado alley prepare, even though the odds against a tornado striking any given home is remote. Those living on the eastern seaboard keep a kit of necessities within easy reach on the off chance that a hurricane could send them fleeing inland on a moment’s notice. People in the northeast have generators at the ready just in case a rare winter storm leaves them without power.

Prudent people are not paranoid or obsessive, they are just realistic and practical. They don’t expect bad things to happen them, but they acknowledge risk and take reasonable precautions against it. Chances are they will never benefit directly from doing so, but the freedom from worry and receptiveness to optimism they get are more than ample return on the investment.

There is the potential for a cataclysmic outcome in almost every eventuality, conditions for which we cannot reasonably prepare. If all we hear is the worst case scenario, we are apt to disregard a threat altogether, leaving us vulnerable to far more likely, yet still dire, outcomes. Nowhere has that been more evident than in the gold coin market.

It’s not that there is any lack of learned and salient discourse on gold coin investment. It’s just that the doom-and-gloom crowd likes to shout a lot. I can’t fault them for their fervor because a Thunderdome outcome to the situation we’re in today is not out of the question. Just the same, more moderate voices need to be heard.

We do not have to devolve into animal packs to make gold coin investment relevant. The government doesn’t have to implode and we don’t need riots in the street. We don’t even need the dollar to reach its final demise. All we need is a dispassionate look at where we stand today.

It is no longer possible to deny that things could go very wrong in the economy at any time. How it comes about and how severe it might be are irrelevant. What matter is that we position ourselves to weather whatever may occur.

That’s why we buy gold coins. We put the wealth we feel necessary to carry us forward into something proven throughout history to retain its purchasing power. It is a necessary, rational, and prudent precaution.

That our gold coin investments might pay our way to Thunderdome is just a bonus.

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