Gold Right Now – What you Need To Know

You may have recently been hearing about the end of gold’s historical 12 year bull run. The big banks and investment firms are cutting their gold price predictions for 2013 and 2014 and telling investors to sell their gold while they can still get a few bucks for it.

If you’re new to the gold game, it might be your initial reaction to take the big banks’ word for it and stay away from the yellow metal, but there is not a more detrimental financial move to make at the moment. Here is a quick rundown of what you need to know about the gold market right now so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to stay away or get into the game during what will ultimately be seen as one of the best buying opportunities in history.

The Hand That Moves the Gold Price is Not So Invisible

The gold game is very much rigged. One of the reasons the gold price has fallen so dramatically this year is because in December, financial behemoths like Goldman Sachs started telling us to sell our gold. They released ‘official research reports’ in which the data (determined by the analysts of the companies) revealed the gold price was going to fall in 2013. Then as people started listening to these supposed market stalwarts, the gold price dipped a bit and the banks could point to their own predictions and thus fulfill their own prophecies.

It’s important to understand that the gold priced is being manipulated to be low right now. That way, financial institutions and central banks can buy it up on the cheap (in preparation for, well, that’s another blog entirely). According to the World Gold Council, gold demand from central banks in 2012 was the highest it’s been in 50 years. This begs the question: If gold isn’t worth anything anymore, why did the world’s central banks collectively buy up over 534 tons of it last year?

The truth is, they are probably preparing for an event that it would be wise for you to prepare for, as well. The bull run is not over. Far from it. We’re seeing a well-orchestrated buying opportunity. One that the banks do not want you to take advantage of.

Owning Gold On Paper Isn’t Really Owning Gold

Luckily, more and more investors have been realizing this as of late. In the last couple months, investors have been getting out of gold-backed exchange-traded funds (EFTs) in never before seen numbers, and the demand for physical gold is going strong at levels not seen since 2011. Silver coins are selling in such numbers that they could break records if the trend holds.

It seems that trust in paper gold holdings is declining, as exemplified by Germany repatriating its gold, as well as Texas making legislative moves to house its gold holdings within state lines. People want to be able to know that the gold they supposedly own actually exists.

The point of investing in gold is to have a save-haven asset that will be readily available when other investments lose their values. The only way to receive this benefit from the metal is to own it physically. It does you no good to have a piece of paper that says you own some gold in a bank’s vault deep underground somewhere. Texas knows this, Germany knows this. Central banks all over the world know it. For hedging your finances against the whims of the economy, no other asset can compare to physical gold.

Take Advantage of Gold Manipulation

The manipulation of the gold price won’t last for long. Soon, the real value of gold will be reflected in the price of an ounce of gold, and when it does, the bull market will reveal itself in full force. The yellow metal is worth much, much more than the current spot price. Don’t let Goldman Sachs and other mammoth banks persuade you. Get into gold now.

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