Gold Investing with Rare Coins

Rare gold coins are one of the most secure investments one can make. They possess gold’s power to outperform the financial market. They provide investors with a safety net to get them through tumultuous economic situations. They are a solid foundation to fall back on during rampant inflation or fiat money failure. Rare coins are a smart, secure investment.

Advantages of Rare Gold Coins Over Common Bullion Coins

Rare gold coins have an added investment potential that other gold bullion coins do not. Besides the value a rare gold coin may have due to its weight and the purity of the gold used when minted, it also has numismatic value that a common gold coin does not.

• Because of this, rare gold coins can provide protection against the gold market itself.
• Even if the gold spot price drops, a rare gold coin retains is numismatic value.
• The only rare coins that will ever exist are already minted. Their value only goes up as time goes by and demand rises.

Gold investing with rare coins is not only a way to protect one’s wealth from market volatility. Rare gold coins are also safe from the government.

• Unlike other gold bullion possessions, rare gold coins cannot be confiscated by the government.
• In 1933, in order to help pull the U.S. economy out of the crippling Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt confiscated privately held gold bullion. The executive order he signed actually criminalized the private possession of gold bullion.
• If our foundering economy doesn’t take a turn for the better, there is nothing to stop the government from doing this to gold investors again—nothing, that is, except possession of rare gold coins.

Rare gold coin purchases are private transactions. They are one of the very few investment transactions that are not monitored by the government.

• Modern gold coins and other gold bullion products are tracked by the government, just in case they need to confiscate again.
• Investors are required, however, to report any capital gains they may make when they sell rare gold coins for profit.

Start Investing in Rare Coins Today

Gold Coin is America’s gold coin superstore. It is our mission to provide investors with the proper information they need to navigate the gold market and make smart investment. And again, investing in rare gold coins is one of the smartest investments one can make. Give us a call at 1-800-425-5672 today to inquire about how to start gold investing with rare coins to ensure that your finances remain intact during the uncertain economic times ahead.

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