Gold Coin Investment

How Can A Gold Coin Investment Preserve Your Wealth And Give You Tremendous Gains?

A gold coin investment can preserve your wealth by acting as a hedge against inflation and declining stocks, bonds and real estate markets. Investors seeking to diversify into a tangible and solid asset can benefit from a Gold Coin Investment, if done correctly. For hundreds of years, gold coin investments have been an effective way of preserving wealth and gaining consistent profits.

Gold coin investments come in three different forms: bullion gold coins, certified gold coins and gold coin IRAs.

Bullion gold coins are modern coins that are priced at market spot price plus their respective government’s premium. Some of the most popular bullion gold coins are:

American Eagles
American Buffaloes
Australian Kangaroos
Austrian Philharmonics
Canadian Maple Leafs
Chinese Pandas
South African Krugerrands
Swiss Francs

Certified gold coins are rare coins that are priced at market spot price plus rarity premiums, which are based on condition and coin population. Some of the most popular certified gold coins are:

$20 Saint Gaudens
$20 Lady Liberties
$10 Indian Heads
$10 Lady Liberties
$5 Indian Heads
$5 Lady Liberties
$2.50 Indian Heads
$2.50 Lady Liberties

Gold coin IRAs are gold coin investments exclusively for use inside Individual Retirement Accounts. Transferring, or rolling over a current IRA into an IRA backed by gold is a simple and effective way to preserve retirement wealth. Typically, gold coin IRA’s consist of proof coins such as the Proof American Eagles.

Your precious metals investment should both minimize risk and maximize profit, which is why you should work under the guidance of a precious metals specialist.

Any precious metals investment is an outstanding protector of your wealth during troubling economic times, and has proven to be a powerful profit-taking vehicle for investors in the long-run. Wise investors look at a precious metals investment as a means of expanding their portfolio during times when their other investments are doing poorly, since gold and other precious metals prices have an inverse correlation to weakening stocks, bonds and real estate markets.

Gold Coin can make your precious metal investment dreams a reality. We have been educating licensed dealers, household investors and institutional investors nationwide about the benefits they can acquire with precious metals for the past sixteen years.

Gold Coin offers up-to-date, live quotes on bullion coins and certified coins at unbeatable prices, matched by our PriceMatchPlus Guarantee. Your precious metal investment needs are in excellent hands!

How do I start my precious metals investment?

If you would like to get the ball rolling and speak to one of our friendly experts, feel free to call us now for an instant quote and free evaluation at 1-800-425-5672. Learn more about gold.  Learn more about Gold. Next: Gold Bullion Coins

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