Gold Bullion Coins

Who Buys Gold Bullion Coins?

Investors and collectors around the world are fond of Gold Bullion Coins. As an investment, gold bullion coins can protect youGold Bullion Coinsr paper assets from a weak economy and high inflation. For collectors, gold bullion coins are sought after for their beauty, condition and potential rarity. Historically, gold, silver and platinum coins have been a beautiful way to hedge your assets against inflation while maintaining solid value and preserving wealth.

Which gold bullion coins are good investments?

Many investors who buy gold bullion insist on bars for their low premium above the spot price, but there are a wide variety of popular gold bullion coins, including:

As you can see, these modern-day marvels are produced all over the world, so there are plenty from which to choose when you are ready to buy. These coins also hold a certain fiat value in their respective countries so selling the coins for cash is very easy.

When buying and selling any type of gold or silver coin there will always be both “bid” and “ask” prices involved in the trade; the difference between the two is the amount one must overcome to break even at any given time. Bullion prices are usually 3-7% above the gold spot price per ounce, although does offer large-volume discounts for serious investors. supplies modern bullion coins in packages of 10 or more. All coins are fully insured, and delivery is free when dealing directly through us.  Learn more about Gold. Next: Rare Coins

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