$10 Gold Coins

The Christmas holidays were a gift for the US Mint as an impressive number of $10 gold coins were sold during the last full week of the year. Gold coin sales have increased in a number of countries this year due to the recession, which is prompting higher demand for safe haven investments. Mints in the UK, Australia and Canada are among those that have registered rising sales of coins made from this precious metal.

This demand is also spurring sales of the US American Eagles, the United States’ $10 gold coins, as well as its other denominations of gold bullion. The American Eagle is the staple coin in US gold bullion; these $10 gold coins provide a huge investment platform with over 1.3 million sold in 2009. The coins accounted for sales of over 107,000 for the month of December and 44,500 in the last full week of the month.

In addition to the $10 gold coins, other bullion has been selling briskly in the United States. The ultra high relief, Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, or $20 gold coin, has captured nearly 113,000 sales for the year, and the American Buffalo $50 gold coin proofs have been popular as well.

US bullion such as $10 gold coins is a very important part of the investment strategy for many people. These coins offer fixed pricing based on the daily spot gold price and provide a highly portable and liquid investment. Thanks to the continued profitability of gold, bullion is still a very popular commodity.

Kevin Johnson

Senior Staff Writer –

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