Find Serenity In Certified Gold Coins

Investors who are weary from the seemingly endless economic uncertainty might want to take another look at certified gold coins.

It is said that serenity is not the absence of chaos, but the ability to find tranquility in the midst of chaos. The economic storm that has run abated for the past several years promises to endure for many more. That is becoming a fact of life and it breeds complacency, the greatest threat of all to our future well being.

Almost everyone is aware that things have gone horribly wrong, but they feel helpless to do anything about it. That, I believe, explains one of the few bright signs in the economic data – retail sales.

We need something to feel good about, and for decades we have been conditioned to find it in consumption. For a while after the collapse we conserved, even saved, but when things kept sliding downhill, we went back to that which had worked in the past: we went on a shopping spree, erasing all the headroom we had built into our credit in the process.

But it didn’t work. When old ways don’t work anymore, we will find a new way.

Every year millions of investors discover that gold is the universal standard by which the value of everything else – especially the world’s currencies – has been measured for millennia. That sentiment has fueled stellar growth in gold investment for a dozen years, yet gold remains a vastly under held asset for millions of investors.

Most of those who hesitate to secure their wealth in gold do so because of misplaced faith in fiat money. They see volatility in the gold price as a sign of uncertainty in gold’s future, rather than a sign of instability in the underlying currency.

What investors want most, it would seem, is an asset that would preserve the wealth they have, yet provide them with a strong opportunity to grow that wealth. Such an asset would have to be proven to retain its purchasing power over the long term, as well as to have strong potential for near-term growth.

The combination of pure gold content and numismatic value makes certified gold coins the closest thing to that perfect asset. Because certified gold coins have two avenues of growth, they have consistently outperformed all traditional investments, even when the price of gold was down.

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