Swiss Franc Gold Coin

Swiss Franc Gold Coin

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Swiss Gold Franc Quick Facts

  • 0.9000 fine
  • 0.1867 oz. gold
  • Perfect balance of beauty and price
  • Mintage 1897–1936, 1947, and 1949

The Swiss Gold Franc — a coin by many names

The Swiss 20-Franc gold coin is also known as the 20-Franc Vreneli and the 20-Franc Helvetia Head. Vreneli is the informal name of Swiss legal-tender gold coins, and Helvetia is the name of the female Swiss icon (akin to our Lady Liberty), derived from the country’s official name, the “Helvetic Confederation,” or “Confœderatio Helvetica”, in Latin. The obverse bears the likeness of Helvetia with the word “HELVETIA” inscribed above her head.

The 20-Franc gold piece was produced regularly between 1897 and 1936, when the Great Depression caused the only severe devaluation of Swiss currency in history. Two final issues were released in 1947 and 1949.

With a pure-gold content of less than 1/5 oz., the Swiss 20-Franc Gold coin offers an economical means of investing in gold bullion, while the classical beauty of the coin makes it a perennial favorite of collectors.

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