Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

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Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Quick Facts

  • 0.9999% pure silver (24 kt)
  • Introduced in 1988
  • Face Value = 5 Canadian Dollars
  • Over 80 million ounces produced as of 2011

More than any other modern bullion coin Canada’s Silver Maple Leaf enjoys very high demand among collectors. Since the series was introduced in 1988 there have been numerous variations in the Maple Leaf’s design and total mintage, several of which trade at substantial premium over the silver spot price.

There are many reasons for the popularity of the Silver Maple Leaf, including:

  • Purity. The standard purity of the Maple Leaf is.9999 – higher than any other silver bullion coin.
  • Limited mintage. In both 1996 and 1997 mintage of the Maple Leaf was strictly limited, with just over 100,000 struck in 1997 as compared to a record 23 million in 2011.
  • Annual variations. Over the years the Royal Canadian Mint has struck many unique variations such as a colored maple leaf and the stunningly holographic enhanced commemorative of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Two other extremely popular variations are the double dated (1999 and 2000) millennium coin and the 1999 commemorative of the coin’s 10th year of production.
  • Face value. The Maple Leaf’s face value of five dollars is the highest among standard releases of all modern bullion coins.

Interestingly, the Silver Maple Leaf was available as a proof only in 1989. Afterwards uncirculated coins were packaged in Mylar until 2009, when demand for the Olympics coin was so great that they were sold only in tubes of 25.

Regardless of the year of mintage, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has consistently topped the list of best performing silver bullion investments.

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