Peace Silver Dollar

Peace Silver Dollar

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Peace Silver Dollar Quick Facts

  • Last circulated American silver dollar
  • Created by numismatic demand
  • 183.5 million minted 1921-1928
  • 7 million minted 1934-1935

It is fitting that the Peace Dollar, the last circulated US one-dollar silver coin, came into existence only through the tireless efforts of the numismatic community.

More than a quarter billion Morgan Silver Dollars had been melted down under the Pitman Act of 1918 to supply England with silver to back up the pound. In 1920 the American Numismatic Association (AMA) began to advocate for a new silver dollar commemorating the peace to follow the war to end all wars.

Congress was receptive to the idea, even though it had not ratified the Treaty of Versailles and President Harding had not declared an end to the war with Germany. But by September of 1921 it had failed to authorize mintage of the new coin.

With production of a new series of Morgan Silver Dollars to replace those removed under the Pitman Act already well under way, supporters of the Peace Dollar had to rethink their strategy. They discovered that the Secretary of the Treasury was empowered to authorize a replacement for the Morgan without congressional approval because the coin had been in mintage for more than 25 years.

On November 19th competition for the design of the Peace Dollar began. Just one month later the Treasury announced the results. Despite several changes necessitated by public objection to the original design, the first Peace Dollar was struck by the Philadelphia Mint on December 28. January 3, 1922, the Peace Dollar went into circulation.

Mintage of the Peace Dollar ceased in 1928 but returned for a curtain call in 1934. When the last Peace Dollar was struck in 1935, it signaled the end of an era. The dollar had taken a highly symbolic step closer to becoming a true fiat money.

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