Liberty Gold Dollar Type I

Liberty Gold Dollar Type I

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$1 Liberty Gold Coin Type I Quick Facts

  • First $1 gold coin
  • Design by James Longacre
  • 12.7 mm
  • 12 million struck: 1849-1853

The Type I $1 Liberty Gold Coin — a legacy of Sutter’s Mill

James Longacre’s $1 Liberty Gold Coin Type I was America’s first gold coin in that denomination. The coins were first struck in 1849 — the year after gold was first discovered in California. Type I Liberty coins are just 12.7 mm in diameter, less than three-quarters the size of a modern dime, and roughly 10 percent smaller than the later types.

The obverse, modeled after the $20 Liberty gold coin, features Lady Liberty’s head encircled by thirteen stars. On the reverse, the date and denomination are set within an open wreath encircled by the words “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.”

Over 12 million $1 Liberty coins were struck, almost all of which — close to ten million — were produced by the Philadelphia mint between 1851 and 1853. Of those, however, all but four million were removed from circulation shortly before the Civil War and were melted down for production of other gold coins.

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