Indian Gold Dollar Type II

Indian Gold Dollar Type II

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$1 Indian Gold Coin Type II Quick Facts

  • 90% Gold; 10% Copper
  • Bold new design by James Longacre
  • 14.3 mm; .04835 oz. pure gold
  • Very short mintage: 1854-1856

The Type II $1 Indian Gold Coin — a dramatic new portrayal of Lady Liberty

The Type II $1 Indian Gold Coin was a bold departure from previous coins. James Longacre’s 1849 design for the first $1 gold coin continued the tradition of the $20 Liberty with Lady Liberty surrounded by thirteen stars. When commissioned to design a new $3 gold coin five years later, however, Longacre applied a very similar design to a new $1 coin as well.

The obverse of the Type II $1 coin features Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress surrounded by the words “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” On the reverse, a wreath made up of the major crops of the time — corn, wheat, cotton, and tobacco — surrounds the date and denomination. Due to difficulties striking the Type II $1 Indian, mintage ceased in 1856, and the coin was replaced by Longacre’s redesigned Type III coin.

Limited production and the historic new design make the Type II $1 Indian Gold Coin a perennial favorite of collectors and investors alike.

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