$5 Indian Gold Coin

$5 Indian Gold Coin

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$5.00 Indian Gold Half Eagle: Quick Facts

  • Last of a distinguished line
  • Design by Bela Lyon Pratt
  • .24187 oz. pure gold
  • Mintage: 1908-1916 and 1929

The Indian Gold Half Eagle — the end of an era

The Indian Gold Half Eagle shares the same stunning artwork of Bela Lyon Platt as his design of the Quarter Eagle, although Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ eagle design, which Platt used for the reverse, was modified by mint engraver Charles E. Barber to facilitate production.

Like the Quarter Eagle, the rimless and incused (hammered) Half Eagle was a radical departure from traditional designs, and was not without a few vehement detractors. But President Theodore Roosevelt was captivated by the coins’ unparalleled beauty, and as was usually the case, his opinion prevailed.

The Indian Gold Half Eagle was minted continuously from 1908 until 1916, and then resumed for a final mintage in 1929. After that, production permanently ceased, ending over two centuries of gold half eagle mintage. Although a considerable number of 1929 Indian Gold Half Eagles were minted, ironically, most of them were removed from circulation and melted down under executive order from Theodore Roosevelt’s cousin in 1933.

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