$20 Saint Gaudens Gold Coin

$20 Saint Gaudens Gold Coin

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$20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Quick Facts

  • 90% gold; 10% copper
  • Unparalleled detail
  • .9675 oz. pure gold
  • Mintage: 1907-1933

$20.00 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle — a true American masterpiece

When President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned Augustus St. Gaudens to beautify all of America’s gold coinage, the renowned sculptor took his charge seriously. He modeled his coins after his exquisitely detailed bas-relief medals and even referred to his coins as medallions.

The finely detailed high-relief portraits on the first Saint-Gaudens Liberty Gold Double Eagle are unlike those on any other American coin. Lady Liberty seems to be striding out from the obverse, while an eagle appears to soar over the surface of the reverse. The date, set in Roman numerals, further enhances the classical look of the coin. Roosevelt felt that the motto “In God we trust” on currency was profane and asked that it be omitted from the design.

The design required up to eleven strikes to produce, however, and the coins were difficult to stack, so mintage was halted after only 12,367 had been struck. Future mintages featured lower-relief versions of the same extraordinary design, with the date in Arabic numerals. The words “IN GOD WE TRUST” were added to the reverse by Congressional mandate in 1908.

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