$2.50 Liberty Gold Coin


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$2.50 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle Quick Facts

  • 90% gold; 10% copper
  • Design by Christian Gobrecht
  • .12094 oz. pure gold
  • Mintage: 1840–1907

The $2.50 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle has many tales to tell

In his 1840 design of the Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle, Christian Gobrecht retained the newly crowned Lady Liberty from his 1839 Half Eagle. Because the Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle was minted for nearly seven decades, there are a number of rare mintages and more than a few intriguing stories.

Perhaps the most unusual coin in the series is the Philadelphia 1848. To commemorate the strike at Sutter’s Mill, the Philadelphia mint had gold shipped cross-country for a unique production run produced strictly from the newly discovered California gold. To set the coins apart from all others, and to certify the origin of the coin’s gold, the abbreviation “CAL.” is clearly stamped above the eagle’s head on the obverse.

The Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle remained in continuous mintage until President Theodore Roosevelt ordered the redesign of all American coinage in 1907.

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