$10 Indian Gold Coin

$10 Indian Gold Coin

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$10 Indian Gold Eagle Quick Facts

  • 90% gold; 10% copper
  • Design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens
  • .48375 oz. pure gold
  • Mintage: 1907-1933

The Indian Gold Eagle — Saint-Gaudens’ other masterpiece

Augustus Saint-Gaudens did not live to complete the redesign of all American gold coins, but the two he did complete — the new Liberty Gold Double Eagle and the Indian Head Gold Eagle — lived up to his charge to design the most beautiful coins in the world.

Although the Indian Gold Eagle was soon recognized as one of the most striking of all American coins, it was greeted with considerable controversy when first released. For the obverse, Saint-Gaudens originally intended to use the laurel-wreathed Nike head he had designed for Sherman’s monument in Central Park, but President Roosevelt convinced him to make a small change. In a bold departure from the previous Liberty coins, instead of the laurel wreath, Lady Liberty is adorned in a full Native American war bonnet.

Also at the request of President Roosevelt, the words ‘IN GOD WE TRUST” were initially omitted from the reverse, but as it was with the Double Eagle, the motto was reinstated by Congressional mandate in 1908.

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