California Couple’s Gold Coin Discovery worth over $10M: PCGS

February 27, 2014 – A California couple went on a routine stroll recently and subsequently stumbled upon something not so routine – a stash of over 1,400 one-ounce U.S. gold coins that were minted between 1847 and 1894. Rumors have …… Read More

What’s With All of the New Gold Coin Designs?

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Gold Coins Gain on Media Reports

Even though the gold bullion coin spot price fell 26% in 2012 demand for gold coins rose 63% last year, and the mainstream media is just now starting to realize that lower gold prices do not necessarily mean lower gold …… Read More

How Gold Coins Could’ve Saved Breaking Bad’s Walter White

December 6, 2013 – If you haven’t seen the 5th season of AMC’s Emmy Award-winning series Breaking Bad then you may want to bookmark this blog and read it after you have seen the series finale, Felina. In Season 5 …… Read More

OECD’s Claims of Recovery: So Pathetic It’s Funny

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Why Aren’t Gold Coins More Popular Since The Government Shutdown?

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Indian Businesses Now Offering Free Gold Coins

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What is the Difference between 22 and 24-Karat Gold Coins?

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Certified Gold Coins vs. Gold Bullion Coins

As gold has risen, fallen and risen again investors new to the yellow metal have struggled with the decision to invest in certified gold coins, gold bullion coins or a mix of both types of gold coinage. Today’s blog aims …… Read More

The Evolution of Fake Gold Coins

For many the phrase “fake gold” conjures up images of con artists in China painstakingly hollowing old gold bars or carefully applying a thin layer of pure gold to an otherwise worthless coin, but China was not always “king of …… Read More